Bio Composter Bin

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A natural process of conversion of organic solid wastes which are bio-degradable, into manure using composting agents like bacteria/microorganisms or Composting in other words is an eco-friendly and organic method of manure making. Samata Composter Bins are easy to use 3 bin composters that take up minimal space to give out organic manure from your kitchen waste without producing any foul smell. The holes on the sides permit ample ventilation during the process. The composter bin is made of durable and quality material designed to last longer. The bottom lid will act as an ant trap upon pouring sufficient water. Switch to reliable and affordable composting means at home with Samata!


9 reviews for Bio Composter Bin

  1. K S N Unni

    Wish to purchase this item, kindly inform me availability in Malappuram Distt and price

  2. Dr jayasree

    How to purchase this item

    • admin

      Just click on Add to Cart and make payment

  3. Sajini

    Bio-composter rate? How u deliver in Calicut?

    • admin

      We’ve delivery across kerala

  4. mini rajan

    Want to get it

  5. mini rajan

    Need 1

  6. anjali

    Please tell me the price . I am interested to buy it

  7. Sirajudeen

    I want to buy this product and my place in pattambi pls advice

  8. VishnuPal Sharma

    I need this

  9. Lata S

    I want this biobin

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