Samata Hotbox is a thermal box which can be used to cook rice and pulses with less fuel (energy). This can be also used to keep cooked food for upto 8 hours.



Ensuring secured and quality cooking, Helps to Save fuel and time, Providing you with a highly durable product.

Cooking instruction: Take the aluminium vessel out Keep the cleaned and washed pulse in the vessel Add water sufficiently and boil it by placing the aluminium vessel over the stove The time of boiling depends on the type of rice used The time varies from 5 to 20 minutes according to the type of rice available in the market Stir once or twice in between Place the vessel inside the cooker on the ” bakelite mat ” without touching the sides of the cooker and close the vessel immediately Cover the rice cooker with the Lid The rice should be ready by 45 to 60 minutes depending on the type of the pulse/ rice Take out the vessel and drain the water if necessary Never place the rice cooker over the fire.



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